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Nowadays the dangers lurk for the computer almost everywhere. Whether on the Internet, in e-mails or on websites that are infected: Malicious software can quickly infect your own PC and cause enormous damage. At the same time, you should be aware that viruses and bots are not just for that, data
spy out data. It often happens that the programmer aims to devastate the computer and make it unusable. Usually, this is done by changing certain system settings or modifying important files
are deleted. Especially people who depend on or work on the computer are vulnerable to this form of vandalism, as it can ruin the whole work.
Therefore, it is extremely important to prevent such unwanted data loss by preventively installing programs that protect your computer. Essential for this protection is an antivirus program that can identify malware signatures and, if necessary, delete or quarantine them so that they can no longer cause any damage. This at least ensures that your own data is safe from viruses and Trojans and can neither be deleted nor spied out.

Firewall & other protection measures

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Another step to protect yourself from cybercrime is to install a firewall. This checks the inputs and outputs of the computer, so that no unwanted connections are established. A firewall can pose an insurmountable problem for most hackers, and it also prevents existing Trojans or bots from communicating with their programmer. Sensitive data can leave the own system more difficult or not at all and damage is avoided.

In addition to malicious software, other factors can also be decisive for the error-free operation of a system, namely stability. If attention is not paid to which tasks are running in the background and overload the system in this way, considerable difficulties can arise. One consequence of system overload can be bluescreens, but freezing of the computer is also possible. Of course, there are programs that are equipped against such cases by automatic caching, but you should always make sure that important documents are cached regularly. Otherwise, work that took a lot of time can disappear all at once. This also prevents data loss in the event of a power failure.

Backup to prevent data loss

To be really on the safe side, a backup should also be created. There are various programs that can be used to write a copy of the current system to a medium or to store this backup on your own computer. This way, if the worst comes to the worst, you can fall back on this backup and prevent greater damage. The idea of creating such a backup can also be applied to small files. It is recommended to save important documents on a USB stick and to backup them externally, because it can always happen that the computer stops working and it is difficult to access lost data.

Especially for companies it is very important to make regular backups. A large loss of data is quickly reflected in the balance sheet and means considerable losses in efficiency.